We employ both full time and part time Guardians.
We are always interested in hearing from interested applicants.

Are you able to listen ?


Do you have the experience, maturity and empathy to support people who have concerns about their workplace ?


Could you help someone decide their next steps, without stepping over the line ?


If so, you could be our next Guardian...


We seek applicants who can offer independent, confidential and non-judgemental liaison and support for staff to raise concerns, worries or risks in the workplace.





If you are interested in applying for a guardian role please upload your CV below.






When I first heard about the role, I said “this is my dream job”. It is important that all staff are treated fairly and as an individual regardless of their role. I knew that I could use my HR experience and knowledge and also various other skills such as listening, coaching and mediation, in ensuring that staff are heard. It is so important that staff have someone to talk to in confidence.


Being a Guardian is the most responsible position I have ever held. That a person puts their trust in you in confidence is an honour. To meet a person at their weakest and sometimes most vulnerable state and to offer support by listening and suggesting is a most worthwhile service. To me the most important reason for being a Guardian is to help and offer protection in a storm when things are not too clear to see. To offer perspective, help and clarity. Simply to offer the hand of friendship to another in distress or suffering.


I became a Guardian because I feel very strongly about fairness at work and that all people should be treated with respect. I have a background of working with diversity and making the business case for inclusion. I feel very privileged to hear about the difficulty some people encounter at work, to be able to reflect back to them the key themes of what I've heard and to discuss their options for finding a suitable resolution.


I became a Guardian because of the support and help I could give to staff. I have 20 years of staff management and HR experience.  Staff will at some point in their lives will have issues at work. I know it’s important to have a confidential conversation with someone that will listen and help with possible options and solutions.


I became a Guardian because I passionately believe that staff should be able to work in an environment of openness, fairness and trust.  During my 30 years' experience of managing staff and services and, also in the capacity as an HR Manager, I have a strong background and in-depth knowledge in understanding the workplace environment and potential issues that may arise when things go wrong.    Compassionate by nature, a good listener and one who operates with fairness and integrity, my aim is to support staff during difficult times at work, to provide clarity and find objective options and solutions to their workplace concerns.


I became a Guardian to support and give confidence to staff of all positions who feel they have nowhere to turn and believe there are no alternatives, to support them to be able to Speak Up without any fear and for them to work in an Open Honest Cultured environment.

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