Case Studies

Staff safety concern


The issue:

A call was received from an individual delivering a service to drug and/or alcohol dependent patients. There were a number of concerns raised regarding staff and patient safety related to security and safe access to the building; the availability of accurate patient information and; lack of adequate staffing numbers with the necessary skills to deliver the service. 

The caller requested that action be taken to address these shortcomings and to communicate to all staff the planned timetable for change. The 
call was escalated as a priority due to the safety implications.

The outcome:

The organisation’s directors took immediate action, visiting the site the next working day to meet with staff to discuss the situation and answer all questions.
They also developed a plan that was shared with staff. This was a serious issue, and taking immediate action successfully addressed the safety concerns. The action also avoided the possibility, which the staff member had raised, of contacting the relevant regulator and / or local councilors.