Case Studies

Contractual Concern


The issue:

Contact was made by a senior medical consultant concerned about their contract situation. The consultant had a set of skills in high demand. The consultant explained during their job interview that they lived a significant distance from the hospital and so could not commit to the on-call rota, but would provide as much support as possible as relocation was not an option. This was accepted and the consultant signed the employment offer and commenced employment. 

In the six months that followed the hospital refused to countersign the agreement and attempted to include mandatory on-call responsibilities. Colleagues became aware of the situation and increased pressure on the consultant by ostracising them and suggesting they were not a team player. The consultant became seriously stressed and was on the verge 
of resigning when they approached a Guardian.

The outcome:

The Guardian immediately secured an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive.  Following facilitation of a meeting by the Guardian with the Chief Executive and the consultant, the original terms of the employment offer were honoured, the consultant remains in place and relationships have 
been repaired.

The action of the Guardian secured the long-term services of the consultant for both the hospital and its patients; supported the consultant and hospital to reach a satisfactory conclusion for all parties and;  saved the organisation from a very expensive legal action, which would have been the next step had the consultant resigned.