Dr Simon Mac Rory, Chief Executive Officer

Simon is the CEO for the Guardian Service and takes responsibility for strategic direction and corporate affairs.


Simon is an expert with over 30 years experience in employment law and organisational development and joined the Guardian Service in 2014. 

He has extensive experience in managing in-depth Investigations into claims of bullying and harassment in healthcare organisations and has led strategic culture change projects in the NHS and other sectors. He is the Visiting Research Fellow at Nottingham Business School and a member of the academic staff of Stafford Global (UAE). Simon supervises students through the cycle of research for Doctor of Business Administration degree programme, at Northampton University. 

A published author on the dynamic of teams, his latest book “Wake up and smell the coffee – the imperative of teams” was nominated for the UK business book of year in 2019 and has been published in UK, Ireland, USA and Russia with upcoming releases in India and mainland China.


I believe that the staff experience is reflected in the customer experience.


Simon says: “I have always believed that the staff experience is reflected in the customer experience. The Guardian Service, as the only truly independent staff liaison service in the UK can and does make a substantial contribution to creating and maintaining an open culture in our client organisations ensuring the voices of staff are heard”.