Lulu Nwosu, Guardian

Lulu is an experienced HR professional with years of experience in the provision and management of HR services across private and public sector organisations. The past four years of her career has been rooted in the employee relations specialism.

Working in the civil service, Lulu has taken the lead in providing coaching and mentorship on people and strategic HR issues to leaders across government on complex and high-profile employee relations cases.  She is a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD), a trained coach and holds a master’s degree in HR Management and Employment Law as well as a bachelor’s degree in Law.


We foster an

open, honest and transparent culture.


Lulu says: “I became a Guardian to help instil confidence and trust in people and support them to be able to speak up, voice their concerns and self-determine the appropriate course of action to take. Being able to support any organisation to foster a more open, honest and transparent culture that welcomes the contribution of its staff is a very rewarding role. Working in support of the NHS, to make safety and welfare for patients and staff integral parts of the service is a key motivating factor for me.”