Our services

Investing in an open culture, the principle aim of our service is to support an organisation’s brand and reputation by promoting and sustaining a truly open culture - a culture where all staff speak up and leadership actively listen up. Our service offers our clients and their employees an alternative and independent option to complement existing in-house channels. 


This approach raises opportunities, issues and insight that otherwise stay anchored below the surface 
of organisations. By helping these to surface, we act as guardians to our clients and their employees. 
We currently provide this support to over 120,000 employees across England, Wales and Scotland.

Our business model

Our model provides staff with direct and confidential access to a dedicated Guardian 24/7. Our Guardians have the experience and skills to support the right resolution for the individual and the organisation. This includes everything from a simple conversation up to the formal raising or ‘whistleblowing’ of a serious concern or allegation. The Guardian also has immediate access to the relevant leadership (including the CEO and Board as necessary) to 
escalate an issue if and when needed.


Key elements of our service:

Regular meetings between Guardian, Board and leadership team so the organisation at the highest level is fully engaged with an open culture

Full privacy and confidentiality

Leadership receives monthly detailed and de-personalised reports on activity and trends with targeted advice on addressing concerns

Online survey to capture service 
user experience

Marketing material to support in-house communication teams to engage employees and raise visibility of Guardians and organisational commitment. 

Dedicated lead Guardian for your organisation, with further capacity 
available if needed

Clear escalation processes for all issues to protect the organisation, staff and customers

Guardian will hold meetings on or off-site, in person or by phone, email, or range of digital platforms

Support individuals to decide on their choice of resolution, including Informal 
and formal routes, facilitated meetings 
and confidential escalation 

Our experience shows bringing The Guardian Service into an 
organisation opens up a wide range of benefits including:

Organisational and employee benefits:

Demonstrates commitment to transparency to Board, regulators and external scrutineers.

Provide leadership with real time feedback

Proactive approach reduces employee stress, management time and legal costs of grievances and tribunals - average cost of a grievance is £35k - 45k. 

Improved staff engagement, retention 
and reduced staff sickness levels

Highly visible commitment to open 
culture by leadership

Performance improvements and 
greater innovation

Enhanced customer and staff experience driven by frontline feedback

Reduced risk of whistleblowing and reputational damage due to positive 
early action

Could these benefits help your organisation?