Research and Papers

The Guardian Service is actively engaged in research in the field of Freedom To Speak Up. You will find below our completed research and details on ongoing research which will be published in the future. 

COVID-19 Analysis

Workplace Grievances

First quarter 2022

An analysis of COVID -19 concerns as raised from March 2020 to August 2020 by Staff within the NHS for our client organisations covering approximately 120,000 Staff.

“Understanding the Process and Monetary Cost of Formal Workplace Grievances in The National Health Service in The United Kingdom” – a detailed analysis of formal workplace grievances.

We also link with other specialists in in related fields and include articles and papers of specific relevance 
to freedom to speak up and 
of related general interest.

Is there a crisis of bullying in the NHS?

Sturrock Report - Scotland


Francis Report -

Executive Summary

Francis Report - Full Report 

Megan Reitz - Being silenced 

and silencing others

Megan Reitz - Speaking

Truth to Power - Research