The Guardian Service was originally developed for the NHS in response to the Francis report on Mid Staffordshire. We now offer our service to the broader public sector and to the private sector.

For Staff...


On contracting with a partner, a unique and dedicated 0333… number is commissioned for each organization we support and initial contact with Guardian is normally via telephone.  This is answered by an appointed Guardian to the organisation. The service is focused on the individual, helping them to articulate their concern and decide what action they wish to take. Self-determination by a contact on what actions to take is a fundamental principle of GSL. We do not make recommendations. With the agreement of the staff member we escalate the issue in line with agreed parameters, bringing the issue to the attention of the appropriate Executive or management team member.


For many individuals, the opportunity to speak about their concerns in a safe environment with a neutral and understanding person can be an end in itself. The role of a Guardian supports the individual to rationalise their concerns to a point where they can determine for themselves the appropriate course of further action with or without ongoing Guardian support.




What we do


We are available to 24/7 to listen


We offer an independent, strictly

confidential, non-judgemental,

supportive staff liaison service


Your meeting with us is strictly confidential and we will not make a record of this meeting or do anything with the information you provide without your express permission


If the issue is patient or staff safety, we will escalate your concerns immediately either anonymously or with your permission with your name.


We are supportive of an open, honest, reporting culture


We have access to senior decision makers within your NHS Trust who can help resolve the issues raised


We can facilitate a meeting between you and the person you may have a concern with as long as you both agree to it


We provide an additional

option for staff


We are open to everyone


What we do not do


We do not provide legal advice


We do not provide mediation


We do not provide counselling


We do not provide psychological advice


If you are involved in any formal process

with your organisation we cannot become involved until that formal process is complete.

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For the Organization…


Ensuring that issues of patient safety are heard in a timely manner and acted upon cannot just be considered in cost terms. Every NHS Trust has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that such issues can be raised and are raised. Many NHS staff are reluctant to use the existing policies and procedures. It is not enough for a NHS organisation to say “we have the policies in place”. They must ensure that either, staff have confidence in these policies and use them, or provide an alternative or parallel option.


Implementation of The Guardian Service provides such an option. In its successful implementation, the service has the impact of increasing staff confidence that their concerns will be heard and dealt with.

Work place grievances, harassment and bullying can have a substantial financial impact for an organisation. In providing a safe and confidential environment for such issues to be aired and escalated where necessary, the Service will prevent many of these issues escalating out of control and resulting in costly investigations for the organisation, time intensive formal processes, and even Tribunal cases.


  • Allows individuals to seek impartial assistance without formalising their issue, in a confidential manner

  • Assists issues to be resolved at an early stage

  • Provides facilitation of meetings to resolve issues

  • Reduces the number of formal grievances raised in an organisation

  • Reduces the number of grievances becoming litigious

  • Protects working relationships between parties to a complaint

  • Surfaces issues for the organisation that might otherwise be unknown

  • Ensures action is taken in a timely manner

  • Reduces organisational time and resources in handling complaints, grievances etc.




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